Thursday, March 27, 2014

New Releases

Another mass post of new releases.

(DKR-273) SISTERS - Home Again

(DKR-274) SISTERS - Pop Life

(DKR-275) The Pier - The Pier

(DKR-276) SISTERS - Wakefield

(DKR-277) SISTERS - 303

(DKR-278) Arnold Palmer - Blue CD-R

(DKR-279) Mammon Serpent - MAMMON


(DKR-268) DUDES - s'redna

(DKR-269) Space Station - Space Station 3 [TOME5] (vhs tape)

(DKR-270) (°°)╯︵ - Pick It Up

(DKR-271) Needle Magic - Whistling In The Dark

(DKR-272) Space Station - Space Station IV [TOME6] (1/1 cassette)

Sunday, March 16, 2014


NEW RELEASES: 14 WAN albums, 2 Mattress Grave records, and the first release from SCREENERS.

(DKR-251) Mattress Grave - Decompositions

(DKR-252) Mattress Grave - Polar Attractions

(DKR-253) WAN - A Velvet Underground Cover Album

(DKR-254) WAN - Make Guns Not Pianos, A Landscape Tribute Album To:

(DKR-255) WAN - Acoustic Treasures 2: Chest Full Of Earnest Goes To Africe

(DKR-256) WAN - Chilll

(DKR-257) WAN - New Guitar

(DKR-258) WAN - Student Survival Kit

(DKR-259) WAN - They Gave Me A Job

(DKR-260) WAN - Trill

(DKR-261) WAN - Bad Bodhisattva Bitches

(DKR-262) WAN - Boogity Row

(DKR-263) WAN - WAN Worldwide

(DKR-264) WAN - WAN ft. Time Warner Cable

(DKR-265) WAN - One Solid Hoopdee

(DKR-266) WAN - You Know Me,

(DKR-267) SCREENERS - VHS screeners