DKR-001:  DUDES - 052412
DKR-002:  DUDES - BK Ratch Tech
DKR-003:  DUDES - Audrey Hepburn
DKR-004:  DUDES - Vacation In Burma
DKR-005:  DUDES - Dudes Finds The Higgs Boson
DKR-006:  DUDES - Bank of America Foreclosed Our Home
DKR-007:  DUDES - Frankenstein, From The Inside
DKR-008:  DUDES - Münn O)))
DKR-009:  Nathan Stapleton - All I Can Do Right Now
DKR-010:  Nathan Stapleton - Paint
DKR-011:  DUDES - крокодил (Krokodil)
DKR-012:  DUDES - My Friend, Culture
DKR-013:  DUDES - 50 Cents Didn't Kill The Dude That Shot Him I Promise
DKR-014:  DUDES - David Lynch's Ex-Wives
DKR-015:  DUDES - The Sacred Hill
DKR-016:  DUDES - Ten Etudes For Piano, Vol. 1
DKR-017:  DUDES - David Bowie's Son's Movies
DKR-018:  DUDES - Living In A Storm-Filled Sky
DKR-019:  DUDES - Let's Meet Behind The School House
DKR-020:  DeadEnd - This EP Is Subjective
DKR-021:  DeadEnd - BearFace
DKR-022:  WAN - WAN Reunion Album After Four Year Hiatus Debut Album
DKR-025:  WAN - Electric Corporate Land
DKR-026:  WAN - Honey Boo Boo Human Sacrifice Denny's Concept Album
DKR-027:  WAN - Cougar Sweatshop Christmas Album
DKR-028:  DUDES - Dudes Set My Fucking Trailer On Fire
DKR-029:  DUDES- Sloth Eyes EP
DKR-027:  WAN - Cougar Sweatshop Christmas Album
DKR-028:  DUDES - Dudes Set My Fucking Trailer On Fire
DKR-029:  DUDES - Sloth Eyes EP
DKR-030:  WAN - Jesus Gospel
DKR-031:  DUDES - King Sun And The Bush Beaters
DKR-032:  DUDES - Blood, Crystallized
DKR-033:  DUDES - Street Trash 
DKR-034:  Mattress Grave - Zero Influence EP 
DKR-035:  DUDES - Lost Highway 
DKR-036:  DUDES Greatest Hits, Vol. 666 
DKR-037:  DUDES - Stargazer 
DKR-038:  DUDES - Baby Satans EP [Japanese Import] 
DKR-039:  Mattress Grave - Transfigured Mescalin EP 
DKR-040:  WAN - Gangster Raps The White House Classics 
DKR-041:  WAN - 104 People Like This 
DKR-042:  WAN meets Mettress Grave - Rockers Uptown at the Salton Sea
DKR-043:  DUDES - Christmas Dinner with 666: Christmas Songs, Vol. 1 (limited CD-R)
DKR-044:  WAN - Words Are Only True and Elegant Catfish
DKR-045:  Mattress Grave - 99.7 Percent Pure Rippling At Christmas Time
DKR-046:  DUDES - I'm Gonna Run You Over When I Come Back Down
DKR-047:  DUDES - Hexes & Halos: original motion picture soundtrack
DKR-048:  DUDES - Human Paraquat
DKR-049:  WAN - Sweetest Day Love Album (School Shooting Edition)
DKR-050:  Mattress Grave - Let's Go Over Information To A Center Of Culture
DKR-051:  DUDES - Eight Inch Rods (the NIN remixes)
DKR-052:  DUDES - Variations on a Theme
DKR-053:  DUDES - Variations on a Theme (Video Album)
DKR-054:  WAN - 10th Album
DKR-055:  DUDES - Ithaca
DKR-056:  WAN - Time Traveler
DKR-057:  WAN - Rihanna
DKR-058:  DUDES - Boo, Dudes!
DKR-059:  Grow Horns/WAN - Olivia Newton John Wayne Newton [split]
DKR-060:  DUDES - The Dead Chord Blues
DKR-061:  DUDES - The Crusher EP
DKR-062:  WAN - Supermarket
DKR-063:  WAN - Story Time At The WANsion
DKR-064:  WAN - Bar Concept Album
DKR-065:  WAN - Rape Circus
DKR-066:  WAN - If I Did That I Would Have To Wait Longer To Get Pussy
DKR-067:  DUDES - The Man Who Fell To Earth
DKR-068:  DUDES - Typical Trash
DKR-069:  DUDES - Slimer EP
DKR-070:  Insulin Spike: Diabetic Koala mixtape, vol. 1 - mixed by Mattress Gave
DKR-071:  DUDES - Animals
DKR-072:  DUDES - Sexual Tyrannosaurus
DKR-073:  DUDES - Neat
DKR-074:  DUDES - Echo Cooler EP
DKR-075:  DUDES - Locust Hill Free Clinic
DKR-076:  DUDES - EMOS NOT DEAD / EMO IS DEAD; please accept this new forwarding address
DKR-077:  DUDES - We Live By Night [single]
DKR-078:  WAN - I'm A Girl w/ Low Self-Esteem Circa 2008
DKR-079:  DUDES - Tom Berenger [maxi-single]
DKR-080:  DUDES - No Call/No Show
DKR-081:  The Black Andes -  Month of Sundays EP
DKR-082:  WAN - Basement Tapes, Vol. 1
DKR-083:  DUDES - 10 Best Films About Fathers
DKR-084:  Stillborn Garden - Stillborn Garden
DKR-085:  7 Dudes in a LeBaron - Dan-O on Fire
DKR-086:  The Black Andes - Pharmacist vs. Architect EP
DKR-087:  Suspect Terror - You Came To Party, We Came To Kill EP
DKR-088:  Suspect Terror - Eugenics EP
DKR-089:  WAN - Walking
DKR-090:  DUDES - You Know What? You Wouldn't Be Familiar With Our Immediate Influences. They're Mostly German.
DKR-091:  DUDES - Billy Ray Valentine; Capricorn
DKR-092:  DUDES - Eric Roberts Apocalypse
DKR-093:  Hxlly's Wxrld - Derrick Soares: The Fourth Playdo
DKR-094:  DUDES - Sports
DKR-095:  DUDES - CrazySexaBoom
DKR-096:  JUDGES - Trinity
DKR-097:  Ghost Arcade - 1997 EP
DKR-098:  Ghost Arcade - After Burner EP
DKR-099:  Mondaze - Planet Garfield
DKR-100:  DUDES - Scrambled Triforce
DKR-101:  Ghost Coast - Miramar
DKR-102:  Mattress Grave - Trash Bins Behind Businesses [single]
DKR-103:  Sleeperswake - Purgatory Disco
DKR-104:  WAN - WAN Live @ Frat Party (part one) [import single]
DKR-105:  Mattress Grave - 2,000 Man [single]
DKR-106:  DUDES - @ The Bar
DKR-107:  DUDES - Chest of Drawers
DKR-108:  DUDES - The Clamiston Family Songbook
DKR-109:  WAN - WAN Live @ Frat Party (part two) [import single]
DKR-110:  WAN - Basement Tapes, Vol. 3
DKR-111:  DJ Ashley - Sewer Rave EP
DKR-112:  WAN - They Gave Me A Job [single]
DKR-113:  WAN - A Single and A Scan
DKR-114:  DUDES - Meth Shed
DKR-115:  DUDES - This Bitch Needs Churchin' Up
DKR-116:  Mondaze - Live @ JP's Hops House
DKR-117:  DUDES - We Let This Bitch Hijack Our Facebook Page For The Lulz
DKR-118:  DUDES - Fun Death EP
DKR-119:  DUDES - How Do You Computer?
DKR-120:  Mattress Grave - KILLAS
DKR-121:  DUDES - Existence Is Exile
DKR-122:  DUDES - Hbjujb 96
DKR-123:  DUDES - Faith
DKR-124:  Mondaze - Live @ Steve Roggenbuck Reading (Houston, TX)
DKR-125:  Mattress Grave - Bubblegum
DKR-126:  DUDES - Jupiter 2
DKR-127:  WAN - Katfiles [single]
DKR-128:  Mattress Grave - Noxious
DKR-129:  WAN - Dubstep Was The Last Horseman Of The Apocalypse
DKR-130:  WAN - McDonald's EP
DKR-131:  WAN - The Tao Te Ching: WAN Audiobook
DKR-132:  WAN - Seaworld w/ Kevin Costner
DKR-133:  WAN - Saint Diego 777 Chicken Fry
DKR-134:  WAN - qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm
DKR-135:  WAN - Spokane Airport
DKR-136:  WAN - Talking With The WAN's
DKR-137:  WAN - Pain and Boredom at the Indian Casino and Resort
DKR-138:  WAN - Live @ Spreecast
DKR-139:  Ghost Trap - Sorry, I Can't Hear You Over All The Fucking Noise
DKR-140:  The Parker Death Experience - If Death Metal Is Death Can It Really Die Like Disco?
DKR-141:  DUDES - Give A Man A Minute, He Sells The First Week Of Winter
DKR-142:  WAN - Acoustic Treasures EP: The Original 2008 Ohio Basement Tapes [re-issue]
DKR-143:  Ghost Trap - Seconds
DKR-144:  Mattress Grave - Their Satanic Majesties Request
DKR-145:  Corporate Pornography - Daughter
DKR-146:  Ghost Trap - Have You Some Purple Candy, Man [single]
DKR-147:  DUDES - Red Handed
DKR-148:  DUDES - Year of DUDES
DKR-149:  Corporate Pornography - Beauty [single]
DKR-150:  Mattress Grave - Trigonal Dorp Flashcube [mixtape]
DKR-151:  DUDES - 52413
DKR-152:  DUDES - Candle Eye For Bettie White
DKR-153:  DUDES - Not So Me And Warez, Uniform Ownerships Title?
DKR-154:  Ghost Trap - III
DKR-155:  Perpendicular Dudes - Early Face Is Why You Are
DKR-156:  hiyohiyoipseniyo - €! [single]
DKR-157:  DUDES - Expert Button Mashers
DKR-158:  WAN - Live @ Spokane Airport 2: Experience The Shame Of The Universe Again
DKR-159:  WAN - Florida Family Reunion 2013
DKR-160:  DUDES/GROW HORNS - Dudes Grow Horns [split]
DKR-161:  DUDES - Remixed Dudes, Vol. I
DKR-162:  DUDES - Electric Sister
DKR-163:  Mattress Grave - Number Eleven X
DKR-164:  Mattress Grave - The Shadowed Cults of Lucifer
DKR-165:  Mattress Grave - Endeavor To Stay With The Images
DKR-166:  Ghost Trap - Trapped, Thrashed & Trashed (CD-R)
DKR-167:  Hxlly's Wxrld - Fursecution
DKR-168:  Eric Nelson - They Make A Wasteland, They Call It Pastiche
DKR-169:  Hxlly's Wxrld - High Skool Kidz
DKR-170:  SISTERS - Rapewave EP
DKR-171:  Hxlly's Wxrld - Teen Forest
DKR-172:  SISTERS - Moebius EP
DKR-173:  SISTERS - Trees Are Animals EP
DKR-174:  Dan Danson & Peacy P - Wolves At The Gates Of Heaven EP
DKR-175:  DJ Ashley - Acorn LP
DKR-176:  Hxlly's Wxrld - Hxlly's Wxrld Remixes WAN
DKR-177:  Mattress Grave - Silver Apples Of The Moon / The Wild Bull
DKR-178:  Mattress Grave - Mire Seizure + Dank Power
DKR-179:  Mattress Grave - Lip Serving Spoors
DKR-180:  Mattress Grave - Cock Punching The Pattern Work [Mattress Grave Plays The Music Of DUDES]
DKR-181:  WAN - Turning Window Weather Feather Wheel Sings Empty Water
DKR-182:  WAN - Now I'm Rich
DKR-183:  WAN - Now I'm Dead
DKR-184:  WAN - Now I'm Sex
DKR-185:  WAN - Now I'm God
DKR-186:  LK☯▽Λ - Music 4 Cats EP
DKR-187:  SISTERS - [SYMBOLS] vol. I
DKR-189:  SISTERS - SISTERS [limited edition tour only CD-R]
DKR-190:  DUDES - Dreamscape Safari
DKR-192:  Mattress Grave - Addicted To Hell
DKR-193:  WAN - Now I'm Vegan
DKR-194:  Mig Cael - MC&ME
DKR-195:  SISTERS - To Figure It/Some Dudes Just Gotta Die LP
DKR-196:  SISTERS - Finser LP
DKR-197:  SISTERS - we/ll drVg iT our$elves deNn U FuKkrrr--\\:1997
DKR-199:  SISTERS - nɐ††y ⋈ li†e▲w/⅃∄∄  [MIXTAPE]
DKR-200:  DUDES - DUDES IV X-MAS: Christmas Songs, Vol. 2 (limited CD-R)
DKR-201:  Shinigami - Shinigami EP
DKR-202:  Mondaze - Keep It Down We Are Trying To Watch A Movie In Our Garage EP
DKR-203:  Mondaze - Twilight Cricket Tournament (Live @ Ray Miller Park)
DKR-204:  Dead Planets - Red Giant EP
DKR-205:  Ghost Dads - Marvin Nash EP
DKR-206:  SISTERS - Christy Canyon EP
DKR-207:  Mondaze - Bad Boy Street
DKR-208:  SISTERS - Gautier EP
DKR-209:  DUDES - Crystal Ether
DKR-210:  SISTERS - Hurts // Jackson EP
DKR-211:  SISTERS - Louis Armstrong EP
DKR-212:  SISTERS - Old Detroit EP
DKR-213:  The Will Smiths - Bad Boys
DKR-214:  Will Smith U.K. - 'After Earth' on DVD
DKR-215:  Neptune - Richter
DKR-216:  Willy and the Smiths - Chocolates
DKR-217:  Ghost Coast - Whit Noise
DKR-218:  SISTERS - Absolute Zero
DKR-219:  SISTERS - Vivisection pt. III
DKR-220:  SISTERS - Beneath // Her
DKR-221:  WAN - 404 People Like This, The Sequel To 104 People Like This
DKR-222:  WAN - Beyonce
DKR-224:  WAN - Corpse Party Space Exploration To Pizza Hut Forest
DKR-225:  WAN - Resembling A Very Long Dried Razor Clam
DKR-226:  WAN - The Ashland Sessions: Session 1
DKR-227:  WAN - A Popular Joan Jett Song - EP
DKR-228:  WAN - Exodus Xion Xion Xion
DKR-229:  WAN - WAN: Live @ Spreecast @ The WAN$ION (the sequel) May 2013
DKR-230:  Hxlly's Wxrld - Poop Land  [single]
DKR-231:  Hxlly's Wxrld - I Can't Do My Own Thing
DKR-232:  Hxlly's Wxrld - I'm Going To Rehab [soundcloud singles club no. 1]
DKR-233:  Dawson & The Creep - Dawson & The CR33P EP (limited CD-R)
DKR-234:  SISTERS - Sungazer
DKR-235:  SPACE station - SPACE station [TOME1] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-236:  DUDES - Greatest Hits, Vol. II
DKR-237:  DUDES - Greatest Hits, Vol. III
DKR-238:  Copless - No Longer Do I Want [soundcloud singles club no. 2]
DKR-239:  SISTERS - Delta City
DKR-240:  Aunt Bastard - Shit Baby (Live @ The Yellow Fiddle, Friday The 13th)
DKR-241:  SPACE station - SPACE station [TOME2] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-242:  SISTERS - NOTE$, VOL. 1 [TOME3] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-243:  This Is Jesus Christ - Hello World; This Is Jesus Christ
DKR-244:  WAN - Th Old Ppl Always Touch The Thigh Of Youth
DKR-245:  Dead Planets - Planetary Nebula EP
DKR-246:  DUDES / Mattress Grave - Ramis (R.I.P.) [split]
DKR-247:  Needle Magic - Live In The Cut, no. 1
DKR-248:  Hxlly's Wxrld - Life Support (Unplugged)
DKR-249:  Dead Planets - Voyager EP
DKR-250:  Field Recordings, vol. 1 [TOME4] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-251:  Mattress Grave - Decompositions
DKR-252:  Mattress Grave - Polar Attractions
DKR-253:  WAN - A Velvet Underground Cover Album
DKR-254:  WAN - Make Guns Not Pianos, A Landscape Tribute Album To:
DKR-255:  WAN - Acoustic Treasures 2: Chest Full Of Earnest Goes To Africe
DKR-256:  WAN - Chilll
DKR-257:  WAN - New Guitar
DKR-258:  WAN - Student Survival Kit
DKR-259:  WAN - They Gave Me A Job
DKR-260:  WAN - Trill
DKR-261:  WAN - Bad Bodhisattva Bitches
DKR-262:  WAN - Boogity Row
DKR-263:  WAN - WAN Worldwide
DKR-264:  WAN - WAN ft. Time Warner Cable
DKR-265:  WAN - One Solid Hoopdee
DKR-266:  WAN - You Know Me,
DKR-267:  SCREENERS - VHS screeners
DKR-268:  DUDES - s'redna
DKR-269:  Space Station - Space Station 3 [TOME5] (vhs tape)
DKR-270:  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ - Pick It Up
DKR-271:  Needle Magic - Whistling In The Dark
DKR-272:  Space Station - Space Station IV [TOME6] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-273:  SISTERS - Home Again
DKR-274:  SISTERS - Pop Life
DKR-275:  The Pier - The Pier
DKR-276:  SISTERS - Wakefield
DKR-277:  SISTERS - 303
DKR-278:  Arnold Palmer - Blue CD-R
DKR-279:  Mammon Serpent - MAMMON
DKR-280:  WAN - The Big Birther Band Practices Blithe Bliss
DKR-281:  WAN - WAD Christmas
DKR-282:  WAN - I'm Drug$
DKR-283:  WAN - Predator Drone Vol. 1
DKR-284:  ✞Devolver✞ - Arid [soundcloud singles club no. 3]
DKR-285:  Mattress Grave - Theme from Shottas [soundcloud singles club no.4]
DKR-286:  WAN - Let's all have a nice time and play some (mostly Nintendo©) video GAMES, OK?
DKR-287:  WAN - Tower of WAN
DKR-288:  .wavH8r - .wavH8
DKR-289:  Aztec Mayhem - In The Bowels Of Liberty
DKR-290:  WAN - You Can Digeridoo Whatever You WAN
DKR-291:  .wavH8r - .wavH8r II: Black M@Ge Gang
DKR-292:  Generative Music, Vol. 1
DKR-293:  Needle Magic - Cavity 
DKR-294:  WAN - Wanston Foto Flip Book
DKR-295:  WAN - I Am Currently Experiencing High Levels of Samsara
DKR-296:  SCREENERS - SCREENERS III [TOME7] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-297:  Needle Magic - At Once With Once
DKR-298:  SISTERS - Fought EP
DKR-299:  Needle Magic - Hiding In The Magic Valley
DKR-301:  Question Mark Ok - I Can't Even Wash The Shampoo Out Of My Hair
DKR-302:  Question Mark Ok - Probably Some Kind Of Gum Disease I Got From Drinking So Much When I Got Dumped In 2012. Can You Even Get A Gum Disease From That? It Doesn't Hurt
DKR-303:  Arkhnon - Overlord
DKR-304:  Lampshade - Trudging [soundcloud singles club no. 5]
DKR-305:  SISTERS - Live at the Yellow Fiddle [TOME8] (1/1 vhs)
DKR-306:  DUDES - "space blues" [TOME9] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-307:  Hxlly's Wxrld - time2hangwithallmyfriends
DKR-308:  Sanguine - Open Grave EP (Deluxe Edition)
DKR-309:  Aztec Mayhem - New Management
DKR-310:  WAN - Predator Drone, Vol. 2
DKR-311:  whaleskull - LOTAN
DKR-312:  whaleskull - glacierwave
DKR-313:  ForestFace - ForestFace [TOME10] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-314:  Hxlly's Wxrld - Live @ JP's Hops House 2K14
DKR-315:  Arkhnon - Acceptance
DKR-316:  Trazo Donald and the Refills - Crazy Train [soundcloud singles club no. 6]
DKR-317:  16bitsystems - (Used) Nostalgia for the Future EP
DKR-318:  Stop Talking To My Girlfriend, You Prick - The Grey Tapes, Vol. I
DKR-319:  Stop Talking To My Girlfriend, You Prick - The Grey Tapes, Vol. II
DKR-320:  Stop Talking To My Girlfriend, You Prick - The Grey Tapes, Vol. III
DKR-321:  Stop Talking To My Girlfriend, You Prick - The Grey Tapes, Vol. IV
DKR-322:  Stop Talking To My Girlfriend, You Prick - The Grey Tapes, Vol. V
DKR-324:  Mig Cael - Kill Me Yesterday
DKR-325:  Mig Cael - presents having a temper tantrum (because he am dumb baby)
DKR-326:  Mattress Grave - Operations Other Than War
DKR-327:  Mig Cael - ROYGBIV
DKR-328:  Mig Cael - What The Fuck
DKR-329:  Mig Cael - Stuff
DKR-330:  Mig Cael - Forgotten
DKR-331:  Mig Cael - Fa... So
DKR-332:  Mig Cael - Does The Carpenters
DKR-333:  Mig Cael - Aids
DKR-334:  Mig Cael - Robin
DKR-335:  Mig Cael - Blue?
DKR-336:  Mig Cael - The Organism
DKR-337:  Mig Cael - Well, Yeah
DKR-338:  Mig Cael - happylonelynothing
DKR-339:  Mig Cael - disguided and mistempered
DKR-340:  Mig Cael - xxx-xx-xxxx
DKR-341:  Mig Cael - Whitey Dee and the Friday Chili 3-Way
DKR-342:  Mig Cael - Hats
DKR-343:  Mig Cael - YouTube
DKR-344:  Mig Cael - ily hi (featuring O.G. Wiz) [single]
DKR-345:  Mig Cael - Nobody Really Cares About White People
DKR-346:  Dad's Girl - Hop On Pop
DKR-347:  Mig Cael - Trap Stove_Asshes
DKR-348:  ForestFace - Forever Fortress EP
DKR-349:  Aunt Bastard - ham sandwish
DKR-350:  Aunt Bastard - hey brother *
DKR-351:  Aunt Bastard - abuse of power
DKR-352:  Aunt Bastard - axin questions
DKR-353:  Aunt Bastard - trash tales of duck
DKR-354:  Aunt Bastard - i am nervous about my new job what if it sucks or i suck at it
DKR-355:  Aunt Bastard - Miley drives a red fighter jet
DKR-356:  Aunt Bastard - skiers don't wear ski masks
DKR-357:  Aunt Bastard - generator file recording in my shed
DKR-358:  Aunt Bastard - i am only interested in yr OkCupid name, not you
DKR-359:  Aunt Bastard - feeeeeling vibes hehe
DKR-360:  Aunt Bastard - burdfs
DKR-361:  Aunt Bastard - 58 seconds of a spoon on a ukelele with a few seconds of a vibrator on it, too
DKR-362:  Aunt Bastard - &__& ?, <##>
DKR-363:  Aunt Bastard - gag-words
DKR-364:  Aunt Bastard - bobbyinsect
DKR-365:  Aunt Bastard - I Don't Believe In Crushes (not really, i do)
DKR-366:  Aunt Bastard - nude lipstick
DKR-367:  Aunt Bastard - are you choking? can you shoke? do you feel alive?
DKR-368:  Aunt Bastard - i'm not magic
DKR-369:  Aunt Bastard - 4am taped keyboard
DKR-370:  Aunt Bastard - it's not fair
DKR-371:  Aunt Bastard - puddles in the russian outfield
DKR-372:  Aunt Bastard - popping my back to the beat of the sunshine (tape loop 1)
DKR-373:  Aunt Bastard - i have a lot of books that i haven't read (tape loop 2)
DKR-374:  Aunt Bastard - nobody is special and i am nothing (tape loop 3)
DKR-375:  Aunt Bastard - out to get mje
DKR-376:  Cherub Shithead - 6 minutes in heaven
DKR-377:  Cherub Shithead - "some dude who was high watched me"
DKR-378:  Cherub Shithead - I Don't Think Anything
DKR-379:  Sugar Suicide - Suicide for the Summer
DKR-380:  Mig Cael - Free Hit
DKR-381:  Mig Cael - Sad Crack House
DKR-382:  Mig Cael - Flowers
DKR-383:  Mig Cael - Planets
DKR-384:  Mig Cael - Bits
DKR-385:  Mig Cael - $lbr3zKlz.... , .... , ,,, , ,,,, (featuring Steve Lauren)
DKR-386:  Dark Krystal FanKlub - 弊害 (Evil) SINGLE
DKR-387:  Aunt Bastard - Prison of Kisses
DKR-388:  Stop Talking To My Girlfriend, You Prick - The Grey Tapes, Vol. VI
DKR-389:  DUDES - Drone in C#
DKR-390:  DUDES - In a Land of a Thousand Suns
DKR-391:  24 Hour Birthday Party - Sleepy Kitten
DKR-392:  24 Hour Birthday Party - Promise Pomegranate
DKR-393:  24 Hour Birthday Party - Gemini Mixtape [TOME12] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-394:  Mig Cael - Steve Lauren's Early Monday Morning 2014
DKR-395:  Mig Cael - dj (siq) - Mike and Steve
DKR-396:  Mig Cael - BRAINCONDOM
DKR-397:  Ghost Coast - Fashion Mixtape [TOME13] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-398:  Aunt Bastard - Stevie Nicks Cover [soundcloud singles club no. 7]
DKR-399:  Field Recordings vol. II [TOME14] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-400:  24 Hour Birthday Party - Eggplant Parmsean
DKR-401:  Aztec Mayhem - Neo
DKR-402:  Dead Planets - Echo; Mark One
DKR-403:  WAN - Night Coors
DKR-404:  24 Hour Birthday Party - Cold Pineapple In Bed
DKR-405:  Mig Cael - (b)ASICS
DKR-406:  24 Hour Birthday Party - This Magic Moments (Whatever)
DKR-407:  Mattress Grave - Locked Out Of Heaven [soundcloud singles club, no. 8]
DKR-408:  Aunt Bastard - Internet_Flower
DKR-409:  24 Hour Birthday Party - Seven Layer
DKR-410:  Trill Murray - Imma Kill U [soundcloud singles club, no. 9]
DKR-411:  Mig Cael - Do You Want To Be My Girlfriend? [single]
DKR-412:  Aztec Mayhem - Funk Quest
DKR-413:  Aztec Mayhem - The Thing That Stalks The Halls
DKR-414:  Crucial Crush - Koala/Kangaroo
DKR-415:  Thankless - Bird Bath EP
DKR-416:  Arkhnon - Skype Black Metal (demo [soundcloud singles club, no. 10]
DKR-417:  24 Hour Birthday Party - This Love (Is Quite Conditional) EP
DKR-418:  SISTERS - Soundtrack for a Non-Existent Horror Film
DKR-419:  Snake Milker - End
DKR-420:  Crucial Crush - Forgettable
DKR-421:  Aunt Bastard - Salt Casserole
DKR-422:  Needle Magic - Jaws
DKR-423:  Make-Out Club - Summer Song [soundcloud singles club, no. 11]
DKR-424:  Grandfather Daughter Dance - Host, Gracious
DKR-425:  Stop Talking To My Wife, You Prick - The Slate Sessions, Vol. I
DKR-426:  Various Artists - "Gibbler" Soundtrack
DKR-427:  Needle Magic - Sleep Guitar
DKR-428:  SISTERS - Iterations
DKR-429:  Ghost Coast - Sad Dude Piano Piece #17 [soundcloud singles club, no. 12]
DKR-430:  Snake Milker - Eohippus
DKR-431:  Aztec Mayhem - Stepmotherland
DKR-432:  Diabetic Koala Soundcloud Singles Club Compilation 2014
DKR-433:  Swandivetrashcan - 45
DKR-434:  Crucial Crush - I Only Hang Out With You To Play With Your Toys
DKR-435:  Evaporate - Lacey Things
DKR-436:  Evaporate - Heavenly Bodies / Celestial Spheres
DKR-437:  Mondaze - I Thought We Were G's (jeffrey ng mixtape)
DKR-438:  Evaporate - Tohu Wa Bohu
DKR-439:  Tiny Poem - Orange Carousel
DKR-440:  Evaporate - The Art of Not Listening [TOME16] (limited 6 cassettes)
DKR-441:  WAN - sWANssONGS
DKR-442:  Audio Valentine 2k15 [TOME17] (1/1 cassette)
DKR-443:  vannossgaminh20delirios - album 1 2015 the goot
DKR-444:  vannossgaminh20delirios - the gooch with lyrics
DKR-445:  Hxlly's Wxrld - If You Think I Care, You're Wrong
DKR-446:  SISTERS - beach closed after 10
DKR-447:  Pineapple/Pear EP
DKR-448:  Aztec Mayhem - Meth & One Gorilla
DKR-449:  DUDES - finality
DKR-450:  Needle Magic - Doesn't Matter if You Mind; Karma Minds
DKR-451:  Tiny Poem - Splendor in Microsoft Paint
DKR-452:  Tiny Poem - In the Name of the Moon
DKR-453:  Tiny Poem - Resonating Chamber
DKR-454:  Tiny Poem - Coglom
DKR-455:  Tiny Poem - Bathing in Bubbles
DKR-456:  Tiny Poem - =
DKR-457:  Tiny Poem - a_symphony
DKR-458:  Tiny Poem - I Have No Idea How I Got Here
DKR-459:  Mig Cael - You Don't Even Know This Song Is About You
DKR-460:  Hxlly's Wxrld - How Long Until
DKR-461:  Kowalski - Vocanoo s0UZWJxhFDd
DKR-462:  Dark Ashley - Four Hundred Terahertz Crystalline Dog Angel EP
DKR-463:  Slieve Gullion - X
DKR-464:  Tiny Poem - ex-to
DKR-465:  Tiny Poem - :c:a:v:e:
DKR-466:  vannossgaminh20delirios - squirrel
DKR-467:  Psychedelic Family Jam Band and Spaceship Muffler - s/t
DKR-468:  666 Fun Time Arcade and Roller Disco - Forever '77
DKR-469:  Needle Magic - Candy Noise
DKR-470:  Don't Talk To My Fucking Wife. I Know Where You Sleep - The Opal Experience, Phase I
DKR-471:  Little Foot - Bloom
DKR-472:  Needle Magic - Pine Tree Suite No. 72845 in Some Minor Key Maybe\
DKR-473:  Tiny Poem - Summer Tapes, vol. 1
DKR-474:  DUDES - unreleased demos and rarities that weren't released because they aren't good
DKR-475:  Needle Magic - Behind The Barren Landscape
DKR-476:  Xefbog - The Crystal Ship
DKR-477:  Umman Torkoglu - Careless Instincts of All Your Thoughts
DKR-478:  Hxlly's World - the end, it's over, this is the last thing, whatever, bye
DKR-479:  Needle Magic - Blurred Variable Model
DKR-480:  Needle Magic - Pose The Question
DKR-481:  Needle Magic - Well Designed State
DKR-482:  Buttons1 - [symbols]
DKR-483:  SISTERS - bubbles
DKR-484:  SISTERS - blackouts
DKR-485:  SISTERS - bloodbathtubs
DKR-486:  SISTERS - Tape EP
DKR-487:  Arkhnon - [black]
DKR-488:  Dark Ashley - A Live Album To Throw Away
DKR-489:  SISTERS - Trade Ministry [EP]
DKR-490:  SISTERS - The Alladin's Castle Arcade [EP]
DKR-491:  Evaporate - Follow The Black Goat
DKR-492:  24 Hour Birthday Party - Live @ The Mudlark
DKR-493:  Yung Tabe Flip - Cash Be Done Flipped
DKR-494:  SISTERS - Phylex v3.1
DKR-495:  Evaporate - Too Humid To Live
DKR-496:  First Name, Last Name - We Don't Have A Garage
DKR-497:  Sugar Suicide - Nimbus Clouds
DKR-498:  Yung Tabe Flip - Palmer Creek Crew Or Fuck All
DKR-499:  The Firmament - Dreams Of Rebar
DKR-500:  DUDES - Safehouse
DKR-501:  SISTERS - Phylex v3.2
DKR-502:  Dark Ashley - Doubletree
DKR-503:  Whaleskull - Symmetry
DKR-504:  Neptune - Membership Lapse Notice
DKR-505:  Neptune - Feel (part 1)
DKR-506:  The Firmament - Red Direction
DKR-507:  Whaleskull - Cryocell
DKR-508:  Tennis Cloud - Maxx Deth
DKR-509:  Ghost Coast - Glazer
DKR-510:  Evaporate - Experimental no. 00015594
DKR-511:  SISTERS - Pascagoula
DKR-512:  Ghost Dads - Trunc
DKR-513:  Needle Magic - Just What You
DKR-514:  SISTERS - Humidity, Relative
DKR-515:  Evaporate - Confused EP
DKR-516:  Needle Magic - Music For Elevators
DKR-517:  SISTERS - Najimi
DKR-518:  Evaporate - Slide EP
DKR-519:  Drift to Valhalla - Annoyances
DKR-520:  Ghost Dads - Public Broadcasting
DKR-521:  SISTERS - Reverie
DKR-522:  Rex K. Vex - Vietercon, vol. 2
DKR-523:  Burnt Out - Benny on Acid
DKR-524:  Buzzwords - Selections from "Demos 10"
DKR-525:  Rex K. Vex - Vietercon, vol. 1
DKR-526:  Marine Life - Summer
DKR-527:  Evaporate - Breathe
DKR-528:  Gale Anne Hurd - Jungle Book
DKR-529:  Ghost Dads - Coastgoth
DKR-530:  Marine Life - Islands
DKR-531:  Public Service Announcement Announcement - Exam
DKR-532:  Evaporate - Panties
DKR-533:  SISTERS - The Purp Sessions
DKR-534:  Marine Life - Haywire
DKR-535:  Maelstrom - Dark Cloud Over Inside
DKR-536:  Shot Inside Paris - Life A Fawn In The Woods
DKR-537:  Needle Magic - Sphere
DKR-538:  The Future is Then - Impermanence Sessions, vol. 1
DKR-539:  The Future is Then - Impermanence Sessions, vol. 2
DKR-540:  The Future is Then - Impermanence Sessions, vol. 3
DKR-541:  The Future is Then - Impermanence Sessions, vol. 4
DKR-542:  The Future is Then - Impermanence Sessions, vol. 5
DKR-543:  The Future is Then - Impermanence Elements, vol. 1
DKR-544:  The Future is Then - Impermanence Elements, vol. 2
DKR-545:  The Future is Then - Impermanence Elements, vol. 3
DKR-546:  The Future is Then - Impermanence Elements, vol. 4
DKR-547:  The Future is Then - Impermanence Elements, vol. 5
DKR-548:  Marine Life - Meditation Music for Cats
DKR-549:  SISTERS - Last Star on the Left
DKR-550:  Ghost Dads - Sparrows
DKR-551:  Marine Life - Summer in September
DKR-552:  Public Service Announcement Announcement - Crypt
DKR-553:  24 Hour Birthday Party - Paw Glitch
DKR-554:  SISTERS - Thresher
DKR-555:  The Firmament - The Balcony
DKR-556:  DUDES - Dunes
DKR-557:  Singular Rings - Singular Rings
DKR-558:  Gale Anne Hurd - Crawling Garden
DKR-559   SISTERS - Backpacks
DKR-560   SISTERS - Steep in Water
DKR-561   DUDES - the white album
DKR-562   DUDES - They Came From Within EP
DKR-563   DUDES - Boxer


DKP-001:  WAN - eBook #1
DKP-002:  Tony Arnold - Cap'n Crunk
DKP-003:  Shane Jesse Christmass - Roman Perth (illustrations by WAN)
DKP-004:  Judges - Trinity (limited edition ebook)
DKP-005:  Tony Arnold - Hey! Billy Some Dudes,
DKP-006:  Austin Islam - With Great Ardor I Continue To Resist
DKP-007:  Tony Arnold - Being Steve Guttenberg 
DKP-008:  Jacob Kowalski - An Adventure In Doritos
DKP-009:  Judges - eBook#1
DKP-010:  Tony Arnold - rrakehell: open house with oppenheimer
DKP-011:  Jacob Kowalski - Click Here To Unsubscribe
DKP-012:  Summer Bat & Tony Arnold - We're No Wizards
DKP-013:  Summer Bat & Tony Arnold - Drawing Doodles In Bed Together At 4 AM Because While Watching VHS on a Tube TV Because We Already Had Sex Like Three Times Today
DKP-014:  Moon Cycle: Provided by Summer Bat and Tony Arnold
DKP-015:  Jacob Kowalski - Helldog is on the Loose
DKP-016:  Tony Arnold - Macaulay Culkin's Third Eye: a novel
DKP-017:  Summer Bat & Tony Arnold - 23 Comfort Foods
DKP-018:  Summer Bat & Tony Arnold - Summer Destroys Christian Home


DKF-001:  Nova Ophiuchi, No. 6
DKF-002:  WAN: The First Year
DKF-003:  Robert Loggia
DKF-004:  ▲▲▲
DKF-005:  Gibbler
DKF-006:  Autumn Hymn: A Cycle in Six Parts
DKF-007:  It's Not Quite Summer Yet
DKF-008:  Other Interests
DKF-009:  Impermanence

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