Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Arkhnon - Overlord

(DKR-303) Arkhnon - Overlord
diabetic koala, 2014

3 new releases

(DKR-296) SCREENERS - SCREENERS III [TOME7] (1/1 cassette)

(DKR-301) Question Mark Ok - I Can't Even Wash The Shampoo Out Of My Hair

(DKR-302) Question Mark Ok - Proably Some Sort of Gum Disease From Drinking So Much When I Got Dumped in 2012. Can You Even Get A Gum Disease From That? It Doesn't Hurt

4 new releases

(DKR-297) Needle Magic - At One With One

(DKR-298) SISTERS - Fought EP

(DKR-299) Needle Magic - Hiding In The Magic Valley


Monday, April 28, 2014

two new WAN records

two new WAN records.

the Wanston Foto Flip Book has a bunch of selfies of WANston McDirt. limited time only, so get at it.

(DKR-294) WAN - Wanston Foto Flip Book

(DKR-295) WAN - I Am Currently Experiencing High Levels of Samsara

Monday, April 7, 2014

New Releases

check out some new releases, including the newest singles club entry.

(DKR-284) Devolver - Arid [soundcloud singles club no. 3]

(DKR-285) Mattress Grave - Theme from Shottas [soundcloud singles club no.4]

(DKR-286) WAN - Let's all have a nice time and play some (mostly Nintendo©) video GAMES, OK?

(DKR-287) WAN - Tower of WAN