Sunday, June 23, 2999

a beginner's guide to interneting

this isn't the easiest thing to navigate. the bands are all in the tags, along with some other nonsense, but you can navigate to each bands releases by clicking the tag. links to each bands website is linked in the "BANDS" section. or maybe it says artists. i can't remember and don't feel like looking. 

the boat can leave now..
      tell the crew

none of us really know what we're doing.

* i thought about paying someone to make this site better and have a dot com, but then i decided that i don't want to. there is a huge back catalogue. i'm too lazy to go through and do everything i need to in order to make the kind of site i'd want. so, instead, keeping with the general aesthetic guidelines created by diabetic koala enterprises, l.l.c. so, just go through and play ukrainian roulette.


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