Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tiny Poem - 8 New Records

8 New Releases from Tiny Poem. Interesting ambient/noise/experimental/sweetheart wave/magic pop/dreamy wave. Check it out.

(DKR-451) Tiny Poem - Splendor in Microsoft Paint

(DKR-452) Tiny Poem - In the Name of the Moon

(DKR-453) Tiny Poem - Resonating Chamber

(DKR-454) Tiny Poem - Coglom

(DKR-455) Tiny Poem - Bathing in Bubbles

(DKR-456) Tiny Poem - =

(DKR-457) Tiny Poem - a_symphony

(DKR-458) Tiny Poem - I Have No Idea How I Got Here
diabetic koala, 2015

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